Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pinwheel quilt along & a new toy

I made the Pinwheel Party block A-1 hosted by twiddletails. Looking forward to block A-2 on Monday!
And I got a new sewing machine. My sister and I went machine shopping on Friday.I need to go get it set up and see if I can figure it all out. It's a bernina. I bought the 230 Patchwork edition. This machine appears to have everything I need for now, there were some really neat upgrades on some of the higher end models, but I can always trade it in down the road if I decide I want something else. Right now I'm just glad to have a machine that makes such lovely stitches. I never realized how unimpressive my current machine is, until I got to try a really nice machine.


  1. I so need to get a sewing machine so I can quilt with you. UGH! Oh yeah I could use some quilting lessons again. It has been way to long and I never had the patience but I think I might now with the kiddos being older.

  2. Congrats onthe new machine! I have a Bernina 1080 thats aver 10 years old and it is a jewel! no bells and whistles, just great stitches.