Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday was my husband's birthday. Because we still have chocolate cake with peanut-butter icing here I thought I should make him something different for a birthday treat. He loves fastnachts(A Pennsylvania Dutch treat). I thought that would be a perfect idea. I've never eaten one so I really don't know how they are to taste. I'm not exactly sure why I never ate one, but I haven't. I followed a recipe that was in the Lancaster Farming a couple weeks ago. They weren't too hard to make although quite time consuming. I was told they were pretty good.

I have been having fun making dolls the last couple days. Since the dolls I made are for my nieces birthdays this summer, and I am having trouble keeping them until that time, I decided to make them some tiny dolls for their Easter baskets. They aren't finished but just wanted to share a little "in progress" picture. These two little dolls are about 2/3 the size of a pair of scissors, maybe 6 inches tall. They were a real challange to turn, especially the arms and legs. I imagine I won't be making too many of these tiny ones.


  1. The dolls are so stinkin cute! Good job! Again...if your nieces don't love them...their mommy will have fun playing :) I think they may need tiny doll quilts to play with too...just a thought!

  2. i am sad you've never had a fastnaucht. They look amazing and yummy!! And the dolls are precious!!!! great fabric choices!