Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Zig Zag Mini Quilt

Yesterday I received my April STUD (Swap til you drop) Mini Swap Quilt. It was made for me by QuiltyBee. I just LOVE it!
I joined a few of these swaps on flickr and am having a blast with them! I'm trying to figure out where/how I want to display these adorable little quilts. I can't quite decide if I want to put them all on one wall or sprinkle them throughout the house. I couldn't contain myself this month and signed up to make 4 of them. The good thing is they really don't take long to do since they have to be under 15X15 inches. I also know that May is probably the last month until school starts again that I can really spend the time doing them.


  1. Hi Sara - I may have missed it - but did you send me your mailing address for the giveaway that you won on my blog? I haven't seen it and wanted to get the jar recipes books in the mail to you.


  2. I think you should put them all on one wall. maybe on in your stairway going up the stairs, but then again no one would see them other than you and that isn't fair. They look adorable. I was goign to say maybe in your wash room but then again not enough wall space.

  3. Wow- I love it!! Those little quilts are just the cutest things ever... and you do a great job on them!

  4. what great color combinations!